Detective Conan

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What's Detective Conan? :/

Detective Conan is a mystery anime and manga created by Gosho Aoyama. It's about sixteen year old (seventeen in anime), highschool detective, Shinichi Kudo, who one day goes to Tropical Land with his childhood friend Ran Mouri. When after solving a case, Shinichi goes to check out these strange men in black, tells Ran to wait for him and promised that he will come back. When he suddenly gets attacked and fed poison by them. After he awoke, he shrunk into the body of a kid, and went over to professor Agasa for help. After Ran found him, He instead hid is true identity and created the character "Conan Edogawa". Now he lives as Conan with Ran and her father who runs a detective agency, Kogoro. While he's busy solving other cases with Ran and Kogoro, he has a very important case to solve on his own. To find the Organization who shrunk him and who they really are!

Detective Conan, both anime and manga; is still running in Japan, and has its own Soundtracks, Radio Shows, Merchandise, and Video Games!

Fun Facts! ^-^!

The Voice Actress for Conan Edogawa, Minami Takayama is a popular singer and voice actress in Japan, and is also the vocalist for J-Pop group, Two-Mix. She was also Married to Gosho Aoyama in 2005-2007.

Kaito Kid originally had his own anime and manga, called "Magic Kaito". They created his own anime in 2011, which contained 12 episodes. And his upcoming 2nd anime which will contain 24 episodes coming in October of 2014.

Conan's first name, is based off of his favorite author, "Sir Conan Doyle", which is also the author who created the "Sherlock Holmes" series. His last name, Edogawa, is also derived from another mystery writer, "Edogawa Ranpo".

Detective Conan's English title is "Case Closed" in the U.S. Funimation Aired "Case Closed" back in 2004, on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim, but due to low ratings, It was canceled and has been taken off the air. In March of 2013, Funimation announced on that they will be streaming never before seen on Adult Swim episodes of Case Closed, on their official website. "Case Closed" ran from 2004-2005, and contained 131 episodes.